The Great Cowboy

Prompt –

A bad dude in a cowboy hat is walking into a saloon in a bad Western movie.  He is looking dangerous and mad.  Tell what happens.  Create a happy ending.


Johnny was one of fiercest and most feared bounty hunters in all of western California. He was really something special.  They say that one time three outlaws drew their guns on him when he went to bring them in and he shot them all so fast that no one could even see it happen.

One day he walked into a saloon where some of the most hated criminals in California sat and made plans. That’s were his wife worked and he was bringing her lunch. Just as he walked in there was a bar fight going on. His wife was hiding behind the counter screaming “Stop this!”  Johnny drew his pistol and shot in the air. There it was nothing but silence. Johnny knew some the criminals because he put them in jail numerous times. The biggest one name was named Red and he stood up and said “what you doing in these parts?” Johnny’s wife came running over to Johnny and said, “oh we’re have you been? I can’t control them. They will not listen to me.” Red Spoke up and said “Johnny boy you never told me you had a wife, you told her how many times you put me in jail well now I have somthing to look forward to if you know what I mean”. Johnny storm out with his wife in his hand. Later That Night Big red showed up to Johnny’s house and had a bunch of guys with him. They stormed the house but none was there. The house blew up with Red and his boys. Little did they know that Johnny moved across the street. That was the end of Big red.Johnny and his wife went on to live Happy lives.


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